Generic Viagra (Sildenafil online) – excellent analog of trademarked Viagra

generic-viagra2Perhaps every person has already heard about such drug as generic Viagra. Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction are already convinced of the efficacy of these medications. These medications help men to regain its former strength and ability to accomplish intercourse. Generic Viagra is a very popular drug, but for its price, not everyone can afford to purchase it. If you can’t afford branded Viagra you can buy generic Viagra, which is an analog of Viagra and has the same effective action.

While use generic a number of questions arise, which we will discuss in this article.

The drug generic Viagra is equally effective at all cases of erectile dysfunction?

Despite the fact that the drug is one of the most effective means for the treatment of dysfunction, the performance of its application largely depends on the extent and grounds of the disease, as well as the status of other body systems. For example, in vascular erectile dysfunction, the drug is quite effective. But if there is a pathological venous drainage, the effectiveness of the use of generic Viagra is drastically reduced.

Do you need to consult with any doctor before using Sildenafil (generic Viagra)?

generic-viagraIt is advisable to visit a urologist or sexologist, that he was advised, in what dosage to practice the drug. However, if you have any chronic disease, you should consult with a doctor regarding the use of the drug. This is especially significant for those who suffer from heart disease.

How long before sexual intercourse should take the preparation?

Remedy’s action begins in 30-60 minutes after ingestion; hence it is better to take a pill one hour before planned sexual intimacy. Do not rush, because the action of generic Viagra lasts for at least 4 hours. If you want to speed up the onset of erection, it is better to take the drug before meals. But it is worth remembering that taking the medicine need not be more than 1 times a day!

How to determine the required dose of the drug?

generic-viagra1There are two basic approaches the purpose of the drug. According to one, the first time should take an average dose, i.e. 50 mg. And then to determine the resulting effect, it is necessary to decrease or increase the dosage. The second approach involves a movement from the lesser to the greater.

That is, you need to first take the lowest dose of Viagra 25 mg and then if necessary enlarge it.

Can medication cause infertility?

The medication does have a negative impact on reproductive ability. And in infertility related to the lack or infrequent acts of intercourse because of erectile dysfunction in men, a drug may even be a cure.

Is it possible to take the drug for women?

This remedy, made for men not suitable for women, it is not recommended to take. For women created a special drug female Viagra.

Where to buy such remedy?

You can purchase the drug at any pharmacy. You also have the opportunity to buy generic Viagra online. Order online generic is not only easy way to buy medication but saves some money.

It can be concluded, that the generic concedes nothing to the original Viagra. It has the same characteristics and also effectively acts on the male body. Its main advantage is the cheaper price.