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By Evgeni Stavinov

This booklet is a suite of brief articles on numerous points of FPGA layout: synthesis, simulation, porting ASIC designs, floorplanning and timing closure, layout methodologies, functionality, quarter and tool optimizations, RTL coding, IP middle choice, and so on. The publication is meant for process architects, layout engineers, and scholars who are looking to enhance their FPGA layout talents. either amateur and professional good judgment and engineers can locate bits of valuable details. This e-book is written through a practising FPGA good judgment fashion designer, and features a lot of illustrations, code examples, and scripts. instead of delivering info acceptable to all FPGA owners, this e-book variation specializes in Xilinx Virtex-6 and Spartan-6 FPGA households. Code examples are written in Verilog HDL. All code examples, scripts, and tasks supplied within the booklet can be found on accompanying site:

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In case of the above example, it prevents making a mistake in a bit range bounds. assign part_sel_out[24:31] = part_sel_in[7:0]; assign part_sel_out[16:24] = part_sel_in[15:8]; // error assign part_sel_out[15:0] = part_sel_in[16:31]; Using Verilog for statement Verilog for statement can be used in many situations to implement shift registers, swapping bits, perform parity checks, and many other use cases. Using for statement for parallel CRC generation is discussed more in Tip #71. The following is an example of using for statement in a loop.

Clock Domain Crossing Most FPGA designs utilize more than one clock. An example of a multi-clock design is illustrated in the following figure. Figure 1: An example of a multi-clock design The design implements a PCI Express to Ethernet adapter and is shown to illustrate the potential complexity of a clocking scheme. It has a 16-lane PCI Express, tri-mode Ethernet, DDR3 memory controller, and the bridge logic. 16 Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) modules embedded in FPGA are used to receive PCI Express data, one for each lane.

They help uncover complex and obscure problems that cannot be found by simulation and synthesis tools. Examples of design rules checked by lint tools are clock domain crossing, combinatorial loops, module connectivity, coding style, implied latches, asynchronous resets, overlapping states, and many others. Tip #6 overviews some of the popular Lint tools. Resources [1] “Standard Gotchas: Subtleties in the Verilog and SystemVerilog Standards That Every Engineer Should Know”, by Stuart Sutherland.

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