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By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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Could we print the sermons, church notes or news letters? Certainly not . Only atheistic views could be distributed and, of those, only such as the government would hand out in official form. Under Communism you wouldn't even be free to peddle your own brand of atheism-just the government's . 18. How about my church men's club, ladies' aid society, or young people's group? Out. There is no freedom of assembly under Communism. 19. What could my pastor do? In the pulpit, he could lead the congregation in acts of faith and deliver sermons, with the Communists checking on every word .

Leib . Chairman, New Haven section-Sidney S . Taylor . District of Wisconsin, 617 North Second Street, Milwaukee, Wis . (State of Wisconsin) Chairman-Fred Blair. Secretary-E. Eisenscher. State committee-Sigmund Eisenscher . Chairman, Milwaukee section-G . Eisenscher. Chairman, sixth ward-Joe Ellis . Secretary, Milwaukee section-Clarence Blair (alias Clark) . Organizer, Milwaukee-James Phillips . 31 District of Colorado, 929 Seventeenth Street, Denver, Colo. (States included : Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming) Chairman-William Dietrich .

What does that mean, exactly? Just study for a minute these figures on the present size and nature of religion and its works in the U . S. A . : 256 denominations. 253,000 churches and synagogues . 77,ooo,ooo members . 162,000 Sunday schools . 13,000 parochial schools . 690 colleges and schools of higher learning . Libraries, radio stations, publishing houses for books, magazines and newspapers . Charities, orphanages, hospitals, missionary forces . Ladies' aids and auxiliaries. Men's societies, young people's organizations, children's groups .

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