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By Philippa Mein Smith

ISBN-10: 1107402174

ISBN-13: 9781107402171

New Zealand used to be the final significant landmass, except Antarctica, to be settled by means of people. the tale of this rugged and dynamic land is fantastically narrated, from its origins in Gondwana a few eighty million years in the past to the twenty-first century. Philippa Mein Smith highlights the consequences of the country's smallness and isolation, from its past due payment by way of Polynesian voyagers and colonisation by means of Europeans—and the exchanges that made those humans Maori and Pakeha—to the dramatic struggles over land and up to date efforts to control worldwide forces. A Concise heritage of recent Zealand areas New Zealand in its worldwide and neighborhood context. It unravels key moments—the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the Anzac touchdown at Gallipoli, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior—showing their position as nation-building myths and connecting them with the fewer dramatic forces, fiscal and social, that experience formed modern New Zealand.

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Cited by Fogel 1983:14) Or again: A judge and jury, indeed, would go mad if they had to decide cases on evidence which will often seem more than satisfactory to the historian. But there is no escape; the historian, if he is to interpret at all, will try and convict on evidence which a court would throw out as circumstantial or hearsay. The victims of the historical process have to seek their compensation in the fact that history provides them with a far more flexible appellate procedure. The historian’s sentences are in a continuous condition of review; few of his verdicts are ever final.

Halpern’s study (1988) offers an interesting case as the most explicit attempt to address this key issue of objectivity and trustworthiness in the biblical traditions. In an attempt to defend ancient Israelite historians against their modern critics whom he sees as presenting these ancient scribes as being ‘illogical, dull, or dishonest’ (1988: xvii), he chooses as a guiding principle the view that some of the biblical authors ‘wrote works recognizably historical – had authentic antiquarian intentions.

He is able to conclude (1988: 82) that ‘virtually no detail in Judges 4 is without an identifiable source; nearly all of them come from the poem, and from the historian’s reconstruction of the event, based on a painstaking analysis of the poem. ’ A further guiding principle of Halpern’s is that ‘historical knowledge is based upon evidence in just the way that deliberations of the jury are’ (1988: 13). 21 It underlies the methodological introduction to Ramsey’s (1982: 3–23) review of scholarly constructions of Israelite history in which he equates the work of the lawyer and the historian.

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