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By Arto Salomaa; Derick Wood; Sheng Yu (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9812810161

ISBN-13: 9789812810168

This quantity includes chosen papers awarded on the Fourth Asian Symposium on machine arithmetic. There are 39 peer-reviewed contributions including complete papers and prolonged abstracts via the 4 invited audio system, G.H. Gonnet, D. Lazard, W. McCune and W.-T. Wu, and those conceal the most major advances in computing device arithmetic, together with algebraic, symbolic, numeric and geometric computation, computerized mathematical reasoning, mathematical software program, and computer-aided geometric layout chance Algebras (Extended summary) (J Brzozowski & Z Esik); Undecidability and Incompleteness ends up in Automata idea (J Hartmanis); Automata conception: Its previous and destiny (J Hopcroft); 40 Years of Formal energy sequence in Automata concept (W Kuich); taking part in countless video games in Finite Time (R McNaughton); Gene meeting in Ciliates: Computing via Folding and Recombination (G Rozenberg); Compositions over a Finite area: From Completeness to Synchronizable Automata (A Salomaa)

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The set of well-formed formulas or descriptions of RK is denned as the smallest set which contains: • T • _L • a for any a £ A • I : (j) for / € L and

A if)) for (j>, $ descriptions • (fi V tp) for ^, tj) descriptions • (Pi =Pi) foipi,p2 € L*. To ease readability, brackets will be omitted when no ambiguity can arise from doing so. In addition, it will be assumed that the 'labelling operator' (':') has higher precedence than the logical connectives 'A' and 'V'. Consequently, the description p : (j) f\p' : ij) is unambiguous and distinct from p : (<{> f\ p' : ifr).

Are included to model the 'trivial description' and the 'inconsistent description' respectively. Informally, the description T is satisfied by any feature structure, whereas the description 1 is never satisfiable. Atoms in A describe atomic feature values, while a description of the form / : states that the feature label / is defined and has A Survey of Feature Logics 27 a value which satisfies the description (j>. A path equation (pi = p 2 ) is used to assert that the values of the paths pi and p2 are token-identical2 .

I G L\r(l) = 0} —»• P(A) is a range function The type function T partitions the set of feature labels L into two subsets: a set of atom-valued, or 'type 0' feature labels L°, and a set of categoryvalued, or 'type 1' feature labels L1. In addition, each type 0 feature label I is associated with a range of possible atomic values />(/) C A. A category structure E = (L,A,r,p) induces a space of 'possible' syntactic categories. Intuitively, the set of categories induced by E contains all A Survey of Feature Logics 43 and only those syntactic categories denned with respect to L and A which respect the constraints imposed by the type and range functions.

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