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By William R. Scott

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Fourth version. this can be the most recent variation of a really well known handbook that's utilized in school rooms world wide to aid scholars studying to learn the Hebrew Bible. It includes a basic and easy dialogue of the masoretes, the masoretic culture, the serious gear of BHS, the Masora, the accents, strange letters, and different markings. It comprises an index. The fourth variation additionally comprises an appendix "Introduction to BHQ" via Harold Scanlin.

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May be replaced by zaqep or tiphah for short verses. Usually only one servus (munah). A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO BHS 28 NOTE 'atnah and silluq sometimes call for changes in the way a word is pointed in order to reflect a slowing of the reading (or a pause). These are called pausal forms. To further confuse matters, pausal forms may also occasionally occur with zaqep and s gdlta' or (rarely) even with other disjunctive accents. rm3 for >3flrU). Group 2: xxx tiphah Divides units between 'atnah and silluq, when main division comes on first word preceding 'atnah or silluq.

The beginning and ending sections of Job (1:1 to 3:2 and 42:7-17) are considered to be prose and use the same system of accentuation as the Twenty-one Books. The following table summarizes in very general terms the semantic use of accents in the three books of poetry. For more details, see Wickes, and Yeivin articles 358-374. Disjunctive Accents of the Three Books siilüq Used as in the Twenty-one Books, but up to 4 servi. e 'öleh w yored Main verse division. Only 1 servus. 'atnah Divides 2nd half of verse or divides short verses.

33 Num 26:33 Num 27:1 Num 36:11 Josh 17:3 Exod 15:26 1 Kgs 8:37 2Chr6:28 A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO BHS 48 , '"IQ0=ilAlt5 Q'D iUiB corrected or meticulously written manuscript(s) (which were used as exemplars). DIDO sum j'D'ttO,TttO=5 ÜD close, closely preceding or following Nplrí? , s gdlta') , Eccl 7:23 Lev 6:10 Gen 37:22 e ,pl09 f}1D=D'D j'plOQ 'DID . Q=i^D '31^9 UÍ>2 TH'ttN places in which is written n b l noK'l or similar , p109= plOQ , plOQ verse(s) 1'plDD Hüp»09 ,pOQ nKnQ=Br)Q />asé# (see p. 5) parasah, one of 54 sections of the Pentateuch (see p.

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