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By Winston Groom

ISBN-10: 1555847803

ISBN-13: 9781555847807

A typhoon in Flanders is novelist and prizewinning historian Winston Groom's gripping background of the four-year conflict for Ypres in Belgian Flanders, the pivotal engagement of global battle I that will without end switch the way in which the area fought -- and considered -- warfare. this can be Groom's account of what could turn into the main dreaded position on the earth. In 1914, Germany introduced an invasion of France via impartial Belgium -- and taken the wrath of the realm upon itself. Ypres turned a spot of horror, heroism, and terrifying new strategies and applied sciences: poison gasoline, tanks, mines, air moves, and the unspeakable distress of trench struggle. Drawing at the journals of the boys and girls who have been there, Winston Groom has penned a wide ranging drama of politics, process, and the human middle. sixteen pages of black-and-white ancient pictures are featured.

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