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By Heidi J. Hornik, Mikeal C. Parsons

ISBN-10: 1405176350

ISBN-13: 9781405176354

Charting the theological and cultural efficiency of Acts around the timespan of Christian heritage, this paintings of profound scholarship finds the entire quantity of the hot testomony book’s non secular, creative, literary, and political influence.

  • Reveals the effect of Acts at key turning issues within the background of the Christian church
  • Traces the wealthy and sundry creative and cultural historical past rooted in Acts, from song to literature
  • Analyzes the political importance of the booklet as a touchstone within the church’s exterior relations
  • Provides specified observation at the exegesis of Acts down the centuries

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In 1942, Oxford University biblical scholar H. Wheeler Robinson queried whether the reference to the ascension in Acts 1 should be taken as “spatial in the literal sense” (1942, 201). ) who began his theological bombshell, Honest to God (1963), by asserting the impossibility of taking the ascension account literally. Dale Allison concludes that “whatever tradition may lie behind Acts 1:9–11, it is not likely to be very old” (2005, 260). Karl Barth has also commented on the difficulty in gleaning a “nucleus of genuine history” from Acts 1.

This period represents a complicated and “rough and tumble” period of religious history in which dissenters were engaged in debates with establishment Anglicans as well as each other. Religious leaders moved in and out of various groups, which were themselves quite fluid. Political issues mingled with doctrinal controversies to produce a period of tumultuous upheaval. ), and we make ample use of them. • 1611 Declaration of Faith • 1612–1614 Propositions and Conclusions Concerning True Christian Religion • 1644 First London Baptist Confession • 1651 The Faith and Practice of Thirty Congregations • 1654 The True Gospel‐Faith Declared According to the Scriptures • 1656 The Somerset Confession of Faith • 1655 Midland Confession of Faith • 1660 The Standard Confession • 1678 The Orthodox Creed • 1689 Second London Baptist Confession We do not mean to imply that Acts does not play a significant role in creeds produced by other denominations.

When compared, for example, with the debate that raged in the early church about the authorship of Hebrews, another anonymous document, that all testimony agrees on Luke’s identity is no trivial matter. Added to that fact is the relative obscurity of Luke, known only through three passing references in the NT (Philemon 24; Colossians 4:14; 2 Timothy 4:11). On the other hand, it is possible that someone looking to identify the otherwise anonymous author might have deduced Luke’s identity from the text of the NT itself.

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