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This change results in the matrix A below. 3 about unspecified matrix entries. In the case of a general graph G, let X be some tree of G, and Y be the corresponding cotree Ε — X. 6) X Β Matrix Β for general graph G with tree X 3 . 2 . 1) The matrix Β may be viewed as a binary encoding of the matroid M = {Ε,I). Since M was defined to be a graphic matroid, we call Β a graphic matrix. We also say that Β represents M over GF(2), or that Β is a representation matrix of M. In the literature, the term standard representation matrix is sometimes used.

G2) from G by removing the edges of E2 (resp. , Sh be those ofG2. (a) If k = 1, then the Ri and Sj are connected in tree fashion. (b) Ifk = 2, then the Ri and Sj are connected in cycle fashion. 2) below holds. l) Each of Gi and G2 is connected (thus G\ = Ri and G2 = S\) and contains a cycle or an internal vertex. The two graphs have exactly k vertices in common. 2) One of g and h is equal to 2, and the other one is equal to k. Without loss of generality assume g = 2 and h = k. , Sh contain exactly one edge each.

Sh) is a tree. Any tip node of that tree must correspond to some Sj, 1 < j < t, since otherwise G and M are 1-separable. For the same reason, t > 2. Let Si be a tip node of the tree. Then the subgraph Si of G has exactly one vertex in common with # 2 + · · · + #

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