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By Stephen Batchelor

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By myself with Others is a uniquely modern consultant to knowing the undying message of Buddhism, and particularly its relevance in genuine human kinfolk. It was once encouraged via Shantideva’s consultant to the Bodhisattava’s lifestyle, the oral directions of residing Buddhist masters, Martin Heidegger’s vintage Being and Time, and the writings of the Christian theologians Paul Tillich and John MacQuarrie.

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VinI 237f; MN I 368f; cpo also Vin II 197 and III l7lf. Cpo Alsdorf 1961, 562ff; M. Shimada in: Bukkyo Bunka 22/1989, Iff, esp. 7ff (with further references on p. 16 n. I). 165 166 This line of argumentation is also set forth by the Ven. Piyasilo in: The Nearer the Bone, the Sweeter the Meat? (Petaling J aya 1989), 22f. LAS 252,15ff. 26 (cp. A. Srinivasan). 167 168 For the responsibility of the latter, cpo AN III 208, prohibiting even laymen from dealing with meat, sentient beings, poison, weapons or alcohol.

1 What, then, is the position of Mahayana Buddhism with regard to e u t han a s i a for decrepit or incurably sick or injured persons or, in the context of nature, ani m a Is, especially if they suffer great pains? Wouldn't one expect the Mahayana to recommend or at least allow to put an end to their suffering by k i I lin g such a person or at least such an animal, if compassion has in fact priority over the precept not to kill? 2) might even give rise to the g e n era I idea that killing them in order to liberate them from their miserable state would be an act of mercy257 - an idea actually ascribed in Indian sources to the so-called SaJTlsaramocakas.

In order to cope with this situation, it is not only necessary to stigmatize as unethical activities entailing unintended but well-known damage, but it is also inevitable to realize that it is of vital ethical relevance to calculate, b e for e any action, the r i s k s and consequences it involves for other living beings, and also to acquire \he 1'" Cpo Schmithausen 1985, 117f; Tauscher 1989, 194. 161 Yin III 79; T vol. 23, lOb29ff (cp. Rosen 1959, 56); Sp 865: ktiruil1ialfl upatthapetvii a p pam a t tell a vattalfl ktitabbalfl.

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