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By Peter L. Manly

ISBN-10: 0521382009

ISBN-13: 9780521382007

Many novice astronomers make their very own tools, both as a result of monetary concerns or simply because they're simply . novice Telescope Making bargains various designs for telescopes, mounts and drives that are appropriate for the home-constructor. The designs diversity from basic to complicated, yet all are in the variety of a reasonably well-equipped domestic workshop. The publication not just tells the reader what he can build, but additionally what it's good to build given what time is offered commercially. therefore every one bankruptcy starts with purposes for project the venture, then appears to be like at theoretical attention prior to completing with useful directions and suggestion. a sign is given as to the abilities required for many of the initiatives. Appendices checklist respected resources of (mail order) fabrics and elements. The telescopes and mounts variety from "shoestring" (very reasonable) tools to expert units which are unavailable commercially.

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7 which featured Ron Ravneberg's beautifully crafted 8 in (20 cm) travel scope, named "Alice". Ravneberg made the scope for the trip of a lifetime to the Australian outback. While others, such as Thane Bopp, had previously made two-spar systems, Ron Ravneberg's "Alice" raised the design to an art form. 125 in (3 mm) thick, of 2 in (50 mm) OD. 5 lb (3 kg). 5 in (12 mm) birch plywood, sits on the outside of the aluminium pipes. Along the outer edges of the focuser board are parallel pieces of aluminium channel screwed to the board with the opening of the channel facing the pipes.

This is the method used in my 6 in and I can personally attest to its effectiveness. It is a simple, three-step process: 1. 2. 3. Apply a generous coat of matt-black paint to the inside of the tube. (Note: It is worth testing different brands of such paint. ) Before the paint begins to dry, throw several handfuls of sawdust or Slip-Not (a paint additive made of walnut shells crushed to the consistency of sand) down the tube. Distribute this material evenly by laying the tube on its side and rolling it over and over.

Crisp star points fill the entire field of view in the Widefield. With Skinflint, I have bright, clear views of nebulae, galaxies and other deep sky objects that are faint images at best in my smaller scopes. For dim, deep sky objects, nothing beats aperture except more aperture, and even with slight astigmatism, the views are brighter and more spectacular than in my finely figured 8 in scope. 8 Reflector ier and I would not have had to replace tiles ground thin during rough grinding. Astigmatism I had tested the mirror for astigmatism with a variety of tests, but apparently not well enough and misinterpreted a test which disclosed it.

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