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The flood of archaeological paintings in Maya lands has revolutionized our realizing of gender in historical Maya society. The dozen individuals to this quantity use quite a lot of methodological strategies―archaeology, bioarchaeology, iconography, ethnohistory, epigraphy, ethnography―to tease out the main points of the lives, activities, and identities of girls of Mesoamerica. The chapters, so much established upon contemporary fieldwork in principal the USA, learn the position of girls in Maya society, their position within the political hierarchy and lineage constructions, the gendered department of work, and the discrepancy among idealized Mayan womanhood and the day-by-day truth, between different themes. In every one case, the complexities and nuances of gender family members is highlighted and the constraints of our wisdom said. those items signify a huge develop within the figuring out of Maya socioeconomic, political, and cultural life―and the archaeology of gender―and can be of significant curiosity to students and scholars.

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All idealized depictions of corn production, or the power derived from corn production, highlight dual and collaborative rather than either/or assignments of gender. SUMMAR Y. Classic Maya agriculture is certainly distinctive from any form of swidden production practiced in the contemporary Maya area. Although there is no technological parallel for Classic period intensive farming in the contemporary period, in terms of distance between fields and homes, continuous usage of fields, and varieties of crops, the Classic period case is most similar to the contemporary northern Lacandon case.

Although men initially clear and construct house-lot orchards/gardens, women or men may plant them, and women usually tend them (Elmendorf 1976; Hanks 1990; Kintz 1990; Redfield and Villa Rojas 1934; Robin 1999). In the intensive maintenance of orchards/ gardens, the initial male-linked role of clearing provides a smaller proportion of the work over the long term, as these areas are under continuous or near continuous cultivation. Still, men's initial input is needed to clear the land. The ethnographic present ofYucatec farming is far from static.

Joyce 1996b; Kent 1999; Kopytoff 1990; Wright 1991). Thus, we should question, Were "all activities, locations, and artifacts allocated to a particular gender? " (Nelson 1997: 55). Where divisions of labor do exist, these divisions are created and replicated in practice and do not preexist and then condition the social production of gender, sex, work, or other social relations GENDER AND MAYA FARMING 17 aoyce and Claassen 1997). Concepts of a male/female division oflabor may also cloud researchers' abilities to recognize categories other than male or female; this seems to have been the case in figuring out the identity of the Classic Maya corn deity (see below; Looper, this volume).

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