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By Hsiao-Hung Pai

ISBN-10: 1783606940

ISBN-13: 9781783606948

Contributor note: ahead by way of Benjamin Zephaniah

A emerging scourge to England’s social peace and multiculturalism, the English Defence League (EDL) has violently protested opposed to Islam because its inception.

In the beautifully daring Angry White People, Hsiao-Hung Pai follows a gaggle of people who acquired stuck up within the wave of far-right highway pursuits that started in 2009. Pai investigated the increase of the EDL and different extremist agencies, falling in with a number of in their contributors and gazing their daily lives. 
Delving deep into 5 lives during this marginalized portion of England’s white operating category via examine and interviews, Pai uncovers anything surprising—their xenophobic ideologies will not be an aberration in glossy English society, yet quite an ever-present part that's constantly reproduced, rejuvenated, and mainstreamed via the media and political powers.

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