Low Libido in Men: Causes, Effects and Possible Ways of Treatment

Low libido (sex drive) in men is much less common than lack of sexual desire in women. It should not be confused with erectile dysfunction when a man can’t reach erection despite a normal sexual arousal. By the way, most men with ED, on the contrary, have no problems with sex drive. What they experience is physiological inability to perform sexual intercourse due to weak erection.

Low sex drive, in turn, is described by a partial or complete absence of sexual desire and/or no interest to sexual life at all. Usually libido is decreasing gradually, with the course of time. For example, typically, a forty-year-old man needs sex less than a twenty-year-old, and a sixty-year-old – less than a forty-year-old. However, sometimes loss of sex drive has occurred in relatively young and healthy men. Then it is considered to be a disorder. This disorder can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Causes of Low Libido

Similarly to other sexual disorders, lack of sex drive can be caused by two types of reasons: physiological and psychogenic. The first group includes the following negative factors:

• Alcohol abuse and other addictions. In fact, this is a mixed psycho-physiological factor. From the one hand, the organism of an alcoholic is influenced by alcohol, which destroys the functioning of all organs and systems including sexual function. On the other hand, addictions have a strong impact on mental health as well.
• Overweight often is associated with low libido. Besides, sex is a serious physical load for overweight people, so, they usually experience difficulties in this sphere.
• Taking of certain drugs including antidepressants.
• Low testosterone level. This is more common for aging men than for young ones.

Psychogenic factors causing decreasing of sex drive include:

• Major stresses or grief, for example, associated with the losing of a close person, death or serious illness of a beloved partner.
• Depressions of different nature.
• Exhaustion, overeating, too much working.
• Problems in personal relationship, unfaithfulness, divorce or other frustrating events.
• Psychological traumas and hang-ups, fear of intimacy.

There can be some other reasons as well, but they are quite rare.

Negative effects of Low Libido

Though sometimes lack of sexual desire doesn’t cause any problems (a man just doesn’t want sex and feels comfortable about it), in many cases it can be a symptom of more serious health disorders. That is why men suffering from low libido are recommended to consult a specialist. Moreover, it can cause certain problems in relations with a partner.

Treatment of Low Libido

Unlike erectile dysfunction, which is easily treated with the help of Viagra pills, loss of sexual desire is a more complicated process, which can’t be cured as simply. In most cases, elimination of the cause of the problem is required. The therapy often includes correction of lifestyle, nutrition habits and psychological problems.