Dear customers and our guests. We happy to share our ideas and information which you can find on the pages of our website. Filling information took a huge part of our activity. We always trying to keep mark and put all energy to provide the best content. Making of content is a hard work and it is important to understand that we care about correct using of it. We found that our works are rather popular and it brings us pleasure, but there is another side of a medal. Some users started to use our content in other resources and assign our copyrights. To be clearly with this situation, we must create some rules about using our website. They will be a kind of manual and at the same time will explain our position about using of information which was presented on the pages of our website.

1) We are owners of this website and its activity follows to our rules. We care about every customer and every accident should be considered.

2) All the information, which you can find on the pages of our website, is under the copyrights.
We sure that original content is not a thing, which is could be stolen without punishment.

3) Using and reading of all content is free. Every visitor is able to use this information without copying of it.

4) It is able to mention our company’s name in different resources. Discussing is able too, but you should understand that using of any original text’s part in the discussion could be punished.

5) If you want to use some information from the website in different works etc., you always welcome to support. There you will get every information about our copyright’s features.

6) It is important to know, that owners could change information. It can happen if some mistakes were founded or in another case. Visitors should know that all information can be changed only by owners. Other customers couldn’t put corrections.

7) We have no responsibility for using our content in other resources.

8) If you found a mistake, please inform our support. All of us are people and little mistakes is a part of our life.

9) All information about pills and prices are actual. We care about accordance of information.

10) If you have any questions, you always can ask them in support service. We are working to make this world a little bit better and that’s why with pleasant will answer to everything you want to know.

If using of this simple rules will accompany with every visitor, we believe that everything will be alright. This is just a simple way to keep discipline because without that our work will be disordered.

Please don’t forget that we always open to cooperation. We are interested in making good quality in every area, so that’s why if you have any interesting ideas, which could be embodied by our work, you are always welcome.

In conclusion, we can say that we proud of our work. It is something special for us and every day we sharing our souls with customers. We want to be sure, that our work is productive and see the results. If you need some support in sexual questions, you always know where is able to find it!